Click to enlargePC Infrared data Port:ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus Active blood glucose meter

IrDA Infrared Drive fits in a spare 3.5" computer drive bay

Your desktop PC now has a secure wireless data port that doesn't just work with one of the following Accu-Chek meters, but many infrared-enabled devices as well.

Compatible with:
ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus blood glucose meter
ACCU-CHEK Aviva blood glucose meter
ACCU-CHEK Spirit insulin pump
ACCU-CHEK Compact blood glucose meter
ACCU-CHEK Active blood glucose meter
Disetronic D-TRON plus insulin pump
ACCU-CHEK 360 data management system

3.5" beige color Drive Frame

(5.25" drive frame and black 3.5" are also available)

closer look at the the electronics
behind the drive frame
  • Works 100% in native mode with all Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Pro, Vista, and 7 systems...  No driver needed.  This is natively supported by Windows.  Many consumer electronic's IR operation is only supported by native mode IR device, and not via a 3rd party USB IR adapter such as ACCU-CHEK® Smart Pix device reader
  • More powerful infrared signal than most notebook's built-in infrared port. 

  • Special status LED provides visible clue to the otherwise invisible infrared operation:  It blinks once every few seconds to scan for any device within range.  It blinks very fast during data transfer mode.  You can't tell whether any notebook's IR port is working or not. 

You can now instantly transfer data wirelessly (download ring tone, data, video, and pictures .. etc) with Cellular Phones/ Pagers/ Notebooks/ Palm Pilots/ Digital Still Cameras Handheld PCs/ Barcode Scanners/ Organzier/ Pocket PCs/ Printer & Fax Scanners/ Camcorders (see chart below)

Add wireless data transfer capability to your PC !

Infrared Drive Installation Overview
Detail Factory Installation Guide

The Infrared Drive will make the IR connector (a.k.a. Infrared or IrDA connector) on your motherboard a fully functional IrDA infrared port.  Simply connect the IR cable (included) to your motherboard's IR connector, enable your IrDA port in CMOS, and Windows will install the driver and application software for you automatically !

Locate the IrDA header on the motherboard

According to the motherboard manual, connect each of the IR cable's 4 signal wires to the corresponding pin on the  motherboard's IrDA header

Connect the other end of the IR cable to the Infrared Drive.

Slide & secure the Infrared Drive into an available drive bay

Start data transferring via IR wirelessly !


  • The Infrared Drive is fully supported by Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Linux (with proper Linux driver).
  • The Infrared Drive is supported by LapLink 7.5 under Windows 95/98.  LapLink provides remote control and printing capabilities to another computer via infrared.  LapLink is not a required software to operate the Infrared Drive.
  • There is no limit in the transfer file size.
  • Files transfer under total darkness or broad day light.
  • The maximum data transfer speed with the standard IR cable is 115.2kbps, in both directions.  The maximum data transfer with the optional FIR cable is 4Mbps.
  • The minimum range of communication is 1 meter (or about 3 feet).  When working with another desktop PC or a notebook computer, a range distance of up to 6~10 feet may be achieved.
  • It is tested by Intel's motherboard division for complete compatibility.
  • The Infrared Drive was tested and approved by Intel's motherboard division in 1997 to be compatible with its IrDA connector design.  Today, most motherboard manufacturers follow Intel in equipping motherboards with an IrDA connector.
  • The Infrared Drive is durable:

  • - MTBF Greater than 512,000 Hours at an Ambient Temperature of 60oC
    - Greater than 55 years under continuous operation


  • Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows ME operating system -- the computer must also be completely compatible with the operating system.
  • IBM-compatible (P166 or faster)
  • 32MB of RAM or greater

Product Descreption

**The Infrared Drive is 100% IrDA compatible. 
Unlike many USB IrDA adapters that may not work with certain Polar models, or cetain cell phones, or does not work with certain operating systems, the Infrared Drive works with ALL IrDA devices and under ALL Microsoft operating systems from 98 on.

This Kit does not come with the following:
  • Retail shrink-wrap package
  • Software driver disk ( download only )
  • Warranty card (no factory direct RMA support)


No More Taking Memory Card in and out !

The IrDA Infrared Drive can also enable your PC to wirelessly communicate with:
Cell Phone:
PDA and other hand held device
Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones:
Z200/ Z600/ P900/ T630/ T616
T316/ T610/ T310/ T306/ P800
T300/ T68i/ T68/ T39m/ A1018s
A2618s/ R310s/ R320s/ T10s
T18s/ T28s/ CF 688/ CF 788
SH 888

8850/ 8890/ 8210/ 8290
8250/ 8310/ 7110/ 7190
6150/ 6110/ 6138/ 6190

Timeport L7082
L7089/ P7389
L-7089 tri-band phone
Tai-Chi PDA phone

SGH-A100/ SGH-A110



Palm series
Palm 500/ VX/ M505/ M515
Zire / XDA(O2)
Treo 680 755p 700P 600 650 700

Tungsten T/ C/ W
Zire 71

Sony T series
Sony N series
Sony SJ30/ 20/ SL10/ S300
NR70/ NR70V/
NX60/ NX73V
TG-50/ NX-80
IPAQ 36/ 37/ 38/ 39/ 5450/ 1910/ 2210/ 5555
Toshiba E310
HP Jornada 540/560 & HP Capshare Information Appliance 910 920
Dell Axim
Viewsonic V35
Mitac 338

Accu-Chek® D-TRONplus, Active Meter, Compact Plus

Note: Accu-Chek Compass software and Accu-Chek Pump Configuration Software are all sold seperately
Polar heartbeat monitor Other Devices:
AXN500  AXN700  F55  S610i  S625X  S710i  S720i  S725  S725X  S810i.  RS400  RS800 CS600
Printer & Fax
Digital Still Cameras
Barcode Scanners
**please double check if your product have IR device. chart for reference purpose only.
**All above electronic devices including cellular phone, pagers, notebooks, palm pilots, digital still cameras, handheld PCs, barcode scanners, organzier, pocket PCs, printer & fax, scanners, and camcorders are for Reference purpose only. they are not included in the auction.


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